Guadalajara International Book Fair: Invitation to Dr. Charles W. Swan

Dearest Charles,


Guadalajara International Book Fair official Website:

Event Location: 1499 Mariano Otero Ave., Colonia Verde Valle, Guadalajara, Jalisco

I am sending you this email as your invitation for the World’s Grand Book Fair in November. We are looking for published books with good quality that we can proudly represent and showcase to the media in the world’s biggest book fair this coming November. Well, our book critiques and in- house literary book scouts have reviewed and read your material The World As He Sees It” and have it forwarded to me. Which means, that your books must be something and with good quality and congratulations for that! Job well done. Thereupon, LitFire is inviting you to be one of the authors whom we will represent in the Guadalajara International Book Fair in Mexico. Have you heard about it?

Every year in November, the largest gathering of the publishing industry takes place in Guadalajara, MX. We will not just be selling your book there but the book rights/ license which will be participated with over 100 countries worldwide and over 7000 number of exhibitors. This event only happens once a year. It is by far the world’s largest venue for trading rights and licenses and these activities make up the core business of the Guadalajara Book Fair participants.

Please do check this youtube video for your perusal:

AJC Decatur Book Festival Author Review (September Event):

The fair only happens once a year. One of the great benefits in joining a trade show is that it levels the playing field. From unknown to popular authors, everyone is equal at the trade show. Even new authors can get attention from influential people and decision-makers from big publishing houses. Biggest people in the book and movie industry are already there searching for new titles. All of them! That’s where you can potentially have your book published/acquired by a Traditional Publishing House.


The Guadalajara International Book Fair is the most important publishing gathering in Ibero-America. It is also an amazing cultural festival. Created 29 years ago by the University of Guadalajara, the Fair is aimed at professionals and the general public alike, a characteristic that sets it apart from other book fairs around the globe. With business as one of its main goals, it is also a cultural festival in which literature plays a major role including a program where authors from all continents and languages participate, and a forum for the academic discussion of the major issues of our time.

For nine days, people willingly stand in long lines to listen to their favorite authors, the book industry makes Guadalajara its beating heart and the whole city is filled with music, arts, cinema and theatre from the featured Guest of Honor which this year is The United Kingdom.

There will be also author’s book review which is one of the requirements to become a credible author. All authors should get reviews. The more reviews, the better. Feedback from professionals or reviewers with authority in the industry can raise awareness and boost sales. We will submit your manuscript or book to the biggest, most respected book reviewers in the business. This means that you are going to receive professionally written feedback that is based on objective evaluation from knowledgeable reviewers who actually read your book.

Please check this out as well. Just wanted to share this with you, a movie book trailer from one of the books that we have published and that will be in the event. We created this movie trailer since a Media company wanted to do a screenplay adaptation for this book. Enjoy and we can’t wait to represent your book. Please click on the link:

Screenshots for last year’s fair:

Examples of the books that will be in the event:


Please check these other Inclusions out:

  • Guadalajara International Book Fair Slot (International show exhibit for 8 days)
  • Half-Page Ad in the exhibitor catalog
    • Your book’s entry in the catalog will include the title, your author name, your book description, ISBN, the year of publication, and citations of any honors or awards. The short description can be supplied by you or LitFire’s copywriters.
    • To further promote your book and get more attention from these influential people, decision makers, and the book reading public during the 8 day fair!
  • News Release Campaign (Pre or Post Event)
    • The objective of a press release is to announce your upcoming participation in the upcoming Guadalajara Book Fair and to get media attention and coverage. This campaign is focused on sending your release to an Internet audience. Your release will be hosted online and will be indexed by the major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. The release will also be presented on different online news aggregators like Google News.

Service Features:

Ø News release will appear on Google News, Yahoo! News, AOL, Bing, and niche websites

Ø Listing the release in RSS feeds

Ø Syndication to more than 5,000 websites

Ø Accompanying image of your choice within the release

Ø Inclusion of embedded links within the release

Ø Search engine optimization

  • Bookmarks with QR Codes(250 pcs)

Bookmarks are useful in promoting your book in ways that they inform readers about your new book, give them an idea of what your book is about, and provide bits of information about you as the author.

Giving away free bookmarks is a good promotional method for authors like you! These can be distributed for free at book signings, at local book shops, at book club gatherings, and at your local libraries. Book lovers love a good bookmark as well, that’s why this promotional method is close to being effortless. Litfire will design and print bookmarks that will help you gain exposure and reach a wider audience.

Litfire’s bookmarks are printed on 14pt ultra-thick cardstock with print and matte coating on both sides, and have the following features:


Book cover thumbnail

Title & Author

Quote/review (optional)


Order Information

25 to 40 words book summary


Author’s Full Name

Subtitle: Published Author

Author’s Thumbnail Photo

Website URL

25 to 40 words author biography

NOTE: This is an international event with participants from all over the world. Slots are very limited and we cannot assure its availability for all. Please reserve your slot the earliest possible time. We will only be displaying 50 books in order not to make our table and shelves voluminous during the event so we would like to know if are we interested to join the said Book Fair and be part of the playing field.

Please email or call me back if you would like to join and to get more details at 1-800-511-9787 ext. 8060. Mondays through Fridays from 9am – 6pm EST.

Best regards,

Audrey Wright | Senior Marketing and Publishing Consultant

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